IT Energy Management Leader Verdiem Expands International Energy Rate Coverage for Global Businesses with Surveyor 6 Spring Edition

Surveyor 6 Spring Edition Allows Multinational Customers to Better Manage Energy Consumption and Cost Across Multiple Locations, Energy Rates and Currencies

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SEATTLE – Mar. 6, 2012 – Verdiem, a leader in IT energy management and efficiency software, today announced the availability of Verdiem Surveyor 6 Spring Edition, which delivers the most advanced functionality in the industry for global companies to more accurately track and manage energy consumption and costs across international boundaries, rates and currencies. This new location-based functionality represents another in a long list of market defining capabilities delivered by Verdiem over the past decade.

Energy rates differ greatly depending on location and time of year. Many locations also have energy costs that vary throughout the day known as time-of-use (TOU) energy rates. In some locations, TOU rates can change up to 15 times daily. As a result, it is challenging for energy managers to accurately calculate and manage energy expenditures in offices across multiple locations.

“Many of our customers have a global reach and require a solution that will help them precisely measure their energy consumption and costs across global offices,” said John Scumniotales, president and CEO of Verdiem. “Surveyor 6 Spring Edition adds best-in-class features to the Surveyor platform that take into account an office’s location to provide important information about energy consumption. This makes it easier for our customers to translate international data on energy savings and more accurately report their results.”

Building on the robust features and functionality of Surveyor 6, the Spring Edition offers customers the ability to create rules that associate devices with specific locations. For example, IT staff can identify device locations based on IP addresses and automatically associate the device with the specific location’s energy rates in the local currency. In addition, all of the devices within one office location are tied to specific energy policies that can be optimized based on local TOU energy rates.

“With these enhancements to Surveyor, customers now have the ability to configure energy rates and currencies based on location,” said Andy Lawrence, research director for eco-efficient IT at 451 Research. “The technology provides organizations with a powerful tool for managing energy consumption and reducing costs at a time when electricity rates are rising around the world. Most organizations find energy efficiency to be a challenging project – technology like this makes it easier, more realistic and measureable.”

Expanding on the advanced analytics and reporting features in Surveyor 6, the new multi-location, energy rate, and currency capabilities of Surveyor 6 Spring Edition allow customers to more accurately compare energy utilization and spending in global offices via data visualizations, improving the reporting and decision-making processes. The Surveyor solution measures energy consumption from each location, and easily calculates a device’s power costs with even the most complex TOU rates. In turn, an organization’s global energy consumption can be analyzed, translated and reported in a single currency, streamlining the reporting process. This simplifies the process of tracking cost savings and energy expenditures throughout the enterprise.

Verdiem has sold nearly 2 million licenses of its IT energy management software. Customers around the globe have selected Verdiem Surveyor 6 to monitor IT energy consumption and enforce IT energy policies in their organizations. With the rich visualization capabilities in Surveyor 6, customers are reducing operating costs and increasing IT efficiency. To learn more, visit

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