Optimize Your Print Environment

Print intelligence helps you increase efficiency and save up to 30%

Print & Power Analyzer

Single view into printer inventory, utilization, and costs

With savings up to 30%, Verdiem can help you significantly reduce costs while more efficienctly managing the printer fleet. Verdiem Print & Power Analyzer uniquely monitors end user computing and print activity and compiles actionable data for devices and the people who use them. Cost and resource reports detail toner, paper, and electricity costs and highlight opportunities for savings.

“A fall 2011 survey about MPS across three world regions showed that 63% of respondents involved in MPS projects expected to see a savings in the 10% to 30% range.”
–Ken Weilerstein
Discover Local and Networked Printers

Verdiem discovers all actively used local and networked printers irrespective of manufacturer. Identifying local printers has been a challenge because IT typically has little to no visibility into local printer purchases and supply costs. However, visibility is essential since the cost per page on local printers is about five times higher than for networked printers.

Measure End User Print Usage and Costs

Verdiem measures key print metrics by monitoring end user print activity. Dashboard and reports give IT actionable data on print volumes and costs by department, printer, location, and user. You’ll finally be able to answer: who prints, where they print, what they print and when they print. By understanding these behaviors, you can drive change and demonstrable cost reductions into the print environment

Analyze to Rightsize and Save

Our 30+ analytic reports let you drill-down into your print data including the highest volume departments, printers, users, and locations. Prescriptive guidance reports flag possible printers for elimination and show savings opportunities by shifting volume from high cost to low cost printers. Printer and PC/Mac power usage and cost reports uncover energy waste that could be turned into significant savings, $20-50 per PC/year.