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Rapid Growth Predicted for PC Power Management

By Chris Baker on 10/18/2011

Recently, Pike Research – a leading cleantech research firm – predicted that the PC and server power management software market would increase five-fold by 2015. While that sounds bold and aggressive, the reality is that PC power management is now gaining mainstream adoption. PC power management has been adopted by less than 25% of organizations. If you subscribe to Geoffrey Moore’s theory on technology adoption, PC power management is about to “enter the tornado” for rapid adoption. Why? Cost is a leading factor.

Return On Investment – What Should You Expect?

By Chris Baker on 09/25/2011

A recent story from the cleantech space caught my attention – “CA School District Spends $23M on Solar Panels, Won't Break Even for 16 Years”.

In a move that is proving to be controversial with some, some California school districts are looking to a high-tech way to save money, even if the payback won't be achieved until well over a decade later.