Verdiem EnergyWise Accelerator

“While monitoring energy usage is important to establish a baseline energy profile, what businesses care about most is lowering operating costs and that requires controlling the energy consumption of ICT devices. Verdiem Surveyor is the only product that EnergyWise-enables the PC - the number 1 consumer of IT energy at over 30 percent - allowing full control to reduce costs. The Verdiem and Cisco solution gives organizations unparalleled visibility and control into their ICT device energy usage. This offer will enable them to take full advantage of the EnergyWise capabilities and to see the potential for impressive reductions in energy expenditures.”

- John Scumniotales, President and CEO of Verdiem

Free IT Energy Management Subscription

The Verdiem EnergyWise Accelerator, part of the Cisco EnergyWise Fast-Start program, provides a free subscription to the Verdiem Surveyor IT energy management solution for new Cisco Catalyst 4000, 3700, and 3500 series switch purchases. The Accelerator allows an organization to gain visibility into the energy usage of its ICT devices connected in an EnergyWise network and evaluate the savings potential from controlling energy consumption.

The Accelerator includes a Surveyor 6 subscription and support services for the following duration and device coverage:

  • Perpetual energy monitoring for all PoE devices and Cisco switches
  • 1 year full control of energy usage for PoE devices and Cisco switches
  • 1 year energy monitoring of entire PC/Mac fleet of devices
  • 1 year full control of energy usage  for up to 1,000 PC/Mac devices
  • Enhanced EnergyWise management capabilities including PC hot-plugging
  • Four hour services package (virtual) for initial deployment and configuration along with free email support for ongoing questions or issues.

Interested to get started?

You’ve got options - contact your Cisco reseller, call us at 1 (866) VERDIEM (837-3436) or submit an online request for us to follow up with you.

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